Collettivo Terzo Livello

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About This Project


We are a collective of circus artists that work starting from the research and games, opening and giving space to freedom of expression, with the aim to explore and experiment on the topics that touches us emotionally.


We want to find ways to share the experiences we made during our meetings by pushing our moral and corporal limits, as well as the ones of the community we are part of.


We want to transform the audience into accomplices, actors or simply witnesses of an artistic demonstration and create ephemeral circus moments.


The collective is active in various projects:

  • Creation of the new show “Documento”
  • Community creation with the neighbourhood of Besòs (Barcelona,) in collaboration with Art i Part
  • LaBadora Creativa, a serie of laboratories and creation workshops, taught by the collective to active artists in the performing arts
  • Site-specific creations and performances




Marta Camuffi
Maristella Tesio
Ramiro Erburu
Gregorio Torchia



Project supported by:

De Mar a Mar in the frame of the European project POCTEFA, La Central del Circ, Cronopis Espai de Circ, Seachange Arts.


For more information about the project and/or collaborations, please write us at:



© Photos: Clara Pedrol, Marta Garcia